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This topic is for the discussion of retired companion coats. Much like the topic for retired horse/uni/peggie/pony coats. The same rules apply.

If there is an issue, please send me a pm default smiley :)

* Although links and graphics are ok on this thread, they are not allowed normally on public forums

** No sales talk-this will mean an instant forum ban.

** No rants or complaints-about sales/prices/otherwise

* This is not the place to ask players to price your coats, or to ask others the worth of a coat.

* This is not a chat topic. A little chatting is ok, but sharing of TMI type personal info, posting rants about high sale prices, or posting you will pm someone...etc...needs to be taken to either pm or your own private ec forums.

* This is not the place to state your opinion on if someone has over payed, or if you feel someone was "gouged" for a coat.
Coats are worth what someone is willing to pay, and just because you feel it was too much, they obviously do not. There is NO reason for someone to be made to feel bad over their new special coat purchase. If you can't say something positive, then just don't say anything at all.

* If you can't afford to pay the prices of coats in sales, please do not use this thread to complain about the high prices, or that you feel they are priced unfairly.
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say hi 1, afraid all my german sheps will be staying with me!
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By Retired breeder, 30th July 2012 15:11:29
Found this cute little kitty today

uses 17

By Retired breeder, 30th July 2012 15:47:20
I may be mistaken, but personal advertisements are not allowed in the public forums...default smiley (o)

Hmm..I haven't found rare ones in the Sales. Only 300 use and aboves.
By Retired breeder, 30th July 2012 15:49:01
Oh! My apologies, say hi 1! I re-read your post and you meant companion coats, not a real life dog! Sorry!
These are the ones I have (not for sale as they are on my favorites). Now I kinda wished I had gotten more..oh well default smiley :p Hoping this works.

Mites' Girlfriend-30uses

chinese crested-45uses

Pirate Kitty-39uses

Lady Gouldian-1074uses
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By Retired breeder, 30th July 2012 17:32:22
Ooh! Nice, morgansmind. Love the first one!
aww Lady Gouldian-1074uses is one of my faves too very pretty coat default smiley (l)
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Picked up sme new coats today. Hopefully none are extras. I bought based on what I thought I had. default smiley :p
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Because I didn't want to change the way I sort my RC's and GA's I've come up with adding the pet specis and number of copies to the end of the horses name. If there isn't room, I''ve just abbreviated something. It will take me to get them all labled up, but at least I should be able to tell roughly what I have without going to every horses page. I know it's not ideal but it was the best I could come up withdefault smiley :-))
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By Retired breeder, 1st August 2012 22:03:44
I have begun to add "RC __" to the end of my *very* small collection of RCs....I'm also naming them with the coat name, for identification. I'd rather name them something more creative, but it will probably be helpful once my collection grows a bit...default smiley *-)

I don't have a knack for finding companion coats under 300 uses....default smiley :(
By Retired breeder, 2nd August 2012 10:18:47
I have an extra of the "how to kiss" frog with 12 uses on a GV uni default smiley :d
I have a Shetland Sheepdog companion coat on my Lusitano, Gunther. default smiley (l)
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By Retired breeder, 3rd August 2012 05:15:43
Been super busy working at my externship and just coming home, eating dinner and going to bed....default smiley (lol)....finally managed to find more than 2 minutes to get on the computer.

Found this cute monkey tonight default smiley ^)

Nice monkey. default smiley :)

Quick q, do you all change the number from one comp coat to the other to get the one you want to post? If that is the easiest way, I need to bookmark a companion so I can post my new buys from iPad.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd August 2012 20:52:15
HI tell me when there is a horse comition.
By Retired breeder, 4th August 2012 00:18:01
I love monkeys! Weee! Monkeys!
I have an extra of "carrot monkey" by DagB. 36 uses.
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By Retired breeder, 5th August 2012 03:28:31
darn, I already have that one default smiley (lol)
By Retired breeder, 7th August 2012 02:55:54
I'm so excited! I just found this beauty in the sales.......

only 10 uses

Nice find, Shoofly! I need to add that one to my own collection eventually.
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By Retired breeder, 8th August 2012 01:31:35
Thanks! I was pretty surprised to find that one since the uses are so low. Off to hunt for some more treasures. default smiley :)
By Retired breeder, 9th August 2012 14:32:57
How do you figure out how many times a companion coat's been used? default smiley *-) The only 1 I know is the pumpkin squirrel I have on US howrse is only like 1 use. The rest I didn't check when I bought them.
By Retired breeder, 10th August 2012 14:42:31
Wow this forum is completely dead. default smiley xd
Lol, i have used so much money buying companion coats. too bad i can never find any good ones any more.
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violetblue123, use the creations directory, Community>Directories>Creations>Companions>more criteria>click the animal you want to check.
I'm still checking/renaming coats to include the companion/numbers - but it's taking forever! Most are in my Retired Coats with HR tab, as they would be. Some in straight HR coats. and a few scattered elsewhere.
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