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If you are searching for other players to swap congratulations this is the only place where we will allow it.
The rest of the forum has to remain usable for other players to get answers to their queries.
Posting congratulation requests elsewhere may get you in trouble.
Thank you for your understanding. default smiley ;)
The Howrse Team
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Hey guys, looking for at least 100 congratulations today or tomorrow. Trying to get high in the popularity ranking to set a record for myself! I will congratulate back of course!
Tom Hiddleston
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I need congrats, please! I will return it, though. default smiley :d
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I'm looking for congrats to complete a personal goal of mine, I return all I see default smiley :) Even a quick little visit to my page will help!
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Congratulate me will congratulate back!!!default smiley :)default smiley :)default smiley :)
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Please give them to me. My baby cat, Nicolette, is sleeping on me so I can't get up to give them to myself.
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Hi guys

i need at least two people to congratulate me on my game please?? if you could i will gladly return the favour. thank you so much
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Wouldn't mind getting some congrats, just got back into the game after years away
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Always looking for congrats! I try to return all I see
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Hi! I am trying to get congratulations. Whoever is the 300th person to congratulate me gets 1 medusa's blood. Thanks!
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Hi I need 4 for a daily objective pleasedefault smiley :)
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Always looking for congratulations! And I always return them!
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Looking for congratulations! default smiley :d Will give you back!
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I could use some if anyone is willing!
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i need 4 congratulations for an achievement! will return (:
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Can i Have Congrats I Would return the favor
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I’d like to have some congrats please.
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Always looking for congrats. Will happily return when seen. default smiley (l)
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needing 4 please, of course, returning when I see them.
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Hi! I’m sorta new here and it would really help if you could spare some time to congrats me!

I’ll try to do the same for you too!

Thanks if you do!
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This is nice�❤️ I congrats back
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can I get congratulations? I'm congratulating everyone on this page!default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
KayLee Cambron
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can i get some congratulations?!default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
KayLee Cambron
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I need 2 congratulations for an objective today. I'll try to return as best as I can thanks!
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Hey guys, I'm looking for congratulations, wanting to get my name out there. I will return all the congrats I get
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I need some congratulations so I can up my popularity rank! default smiley ^)
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