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Finally a post just for us cross breeders. The purpose of this topic is for cross breeders to have a place to discuss their crossbreeding programs and to share crossbreeding secrets and advice with others who may be interested in giving crossbreeding a try. Feel free to talk about your crossbreeding programs and your achievements and failures in crossbreeding.
Please remember to follow the rules of the forum and be informative and helpful. default smiley :-))


Reminder to all.

Please do not advertise sales or items wanted in this topic. I can turn a blind eye to the covers being offered (as long as they are not blatant advertisements) because we are, after all, trying to help each other progress and there is no filter on public covers for searching for crosses, but items sales and items wanted do not belong in any of the public forums and we have a sales forum for horse sales so please, lets keep our topic clean of the ads.

Thanks everyone


There are reasons for rules and everyone is expected to follow them. There will be no posting of advertisements in this topic and everyone is expected to be respectful. Any disrespect towards fellow players or moderators will not be tolerated. Anyone posting advertisements will receive a forum ban without prior warning. If breaking of rules continues to take place in this topic I will delete it.

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CoC-nope-lol! Its good to have friends that breed them tho-lol!
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 06:22:05
lol luckydefault smiley xd
Yeah, I have been sitting on my 12* forever. I have his brother now, who is a comp gelding...and both his parents default smiley :d
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 06:26:36
hey i think i will give cross breeding a go do any of you no if arabs\paints are any good?
bex-paint/arabs are good at xc comps-look at my Super Cross tab. I have a bunch of them.
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arabs/paints crosses are in my opinion very good. I have a few of them and one of them has 1000+ skills and over 250% dressage.
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I used to crossbreed for a showjumping extreme, but I can't find any aussies that can compete with the hanoverians, so my crosses ended up more hano than aussie, so I ended up selling the operation. I might try out barrel crosses when the new graphics arrive
The Royal Mirage
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 06:32:07
Just posting this again to show a few examples of my homebreds:
Anglo's (Arabian/Thoroughbred)



Starabs (Standardbred/Arab)...not too bad for comps...easily trains in most skills without too many penalties too!


Or look under my affixes: "Classy Anglo Arabs" & "Starabs(ret.affix)"...to get an idea of how those crosses work! default smiley :)default smiley :)
I breed hano x friesian, i have a good friesian with 14*, dirty deeds 14*, she has produced some good foals, but she is retiring, she has won a few comps and she has quite a few skills.
thats the address to see her, she is the first cross i have ever completed from birth default smiley :)
would hano x friesian x pain and maybe x arb be a good horse? PM me
thanks for reading
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 11:42:56
Some people used to get angry at my crosses because they beat out the purebreds in competitions easily default smiley (lol)

Well, I couldn't resist it... I found a 200e covering for a roundabout 760 GP IH, which was the best I could do with my equus =/

I am working on the achievements, though, so that number should soon go up.

So I will have a 50/50 Arab Hunter. That easily takes care of the stamina, gallop, dressage, and jumping... now I need a horse that's good in speed and trot.
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 11:45:39
Hrm, forgot I can't see BLUP yet. I'll have to find someone to do that for me *goes to check*
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 12:35:42
Yes, a cross breeding thread *cheers* default smiley :d. Almost every non-unicorn I breed right now is a crossie, I enjoy seeing how their skills play out and BLUPing them, for me at least, is more interesting that BLUPing a purebred. Currently starting breeding Marwari crosses since I haven't really done those yet, and I love the new breed graphics.
Sweet, a thread for cross-breeders. Awsome! default smiley ;)
I have a mix of crosses, but i have found out that a Hano/Friesian cross is a good mix. Gave me at least a g* in all skills and a GP of 720+
Does anyone know any other good mixes to do, perhaps with more breeds in them?
PM me with any crossie info you might have please.
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 12:47:00
i am going to start!!! what are somegood pairs?
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 12:47:52
is aab / hano a good one as i have some arabs and hanos
333my- I find that a Hano/Friesian is an excellent cross.
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:18:54
That's what I'm trying: standy/arabian, then I'm trying standy/hunter.

*Hopefully* it will work, I've given up on my hanoverians, lol. They suck at dressage so I crossed them with a quarter horse that I have that has high dressage and got a pretty good horse, look at my crosses tab -- forgot what it's called -- but his name is Chase. Also I'm going to try hano/hunter and last I might try a hano/hunter cross and breed it with a arabian/hano cross and see what I get. *Plans deviously* default smiley :k
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:24:49
i like to crosbreed canadians with hanoverians. if you like canadians, and you need a good jumping horse, like me, you should crosbreed a hano mare with a canadian stallion.

P.S make sure the canadian has high skills.
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:31:44
My friend, is breeding canadians. She bred her first horse (who she got to 100 blup on her 18th day!!!) she bred and got twins who are 4-5*... can't remember.... and she's training one of them right now, and she's going to breed that one with a good stallion, then do it again and again (and she's blupping them all) till she has a good stallion, like really good.

Then we are going to do thoroughbred/canadian and canadian/hano.
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:32:08
Does anyone know what would be good to cross a thoroughbred with?? default smiley *-)
Very experienced X breeder here--bred the first 19* cross ages ago, working on cross to cross no pures default smiley :-))

I also breed a odd X here and theredefault smiley (lol)
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:35:45
Yay! A crossbred topic! default smiley :-))

I'm trying to start up a line of howrses with at least 1* in each discipline default smiley :)
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:36:28
chickentender- depends on what you are aiming to get, or which comp you want it to excell in etc.. default smiley :)
chickentender, it depends what you want from the cross. Quarter horses, paints, welsh and chincoteagues can go well with thoroughbreds. But you could also try crossing them with a breed that is usually rubbish in gallop, thereby breeding the best galloping cross-breds for that breed default smiley ;)
Dr Zig
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 16:37:28
That's what I'm going to try loops, cross to cross... default smiley :-))
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