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Finally a post just for us cross breeders. The purpose of this topic is for cross breeders to have a place to discuss their crossbreeding programs and to share crossbreeding secrets and advice with others who may be interested in giving crossbreeding a try. Feel free to talk about your crossbreeding programs and your achievements and failures in crossbreeding.
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 20:24:32
i've been cross breeding since i got on here...ive been trying to get at least 1 star ing every thing when they are born...so i tried a standard breed and apaint...im still waiting...im basically gonna get every breed into one horse....i hope that it will work...will yall pm me with some tips please?
I am also new to crossing. I did used to look down on them, until I bought a Paint/Hano that was a brilliant SJ horse.

Anyway, I fell in love with the Mustang and am currently trying to raise the dressage while keeping Mustang as the main breed. At the moment, I'm still experimenting with different breeds, and will probably cross the mustang with just about all of them, but I do have a Mustang Hunter who should turn out pretty good, once I can get the passes to train him default smiley (lol)


I also have a decent Mustang/Arab who I'm hoping will also turn out alright.


I'm also interested in raising the dressage of the Hanoverian, as I used to breed them quite a lot, but I only need one project at a time.

(Excuse the crappy names, and the affix. I'll be changing it once I get a burst of inspiration default smiley (lol) )
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 21:57:12
Heyy! I was looking to cross breed, but dont really know where to start!

All I know is that I want a good dressage horse default smiley :)

Any tips? PM me as I most likely wont look here
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:01:18
Would anybody like to simplify the point of this for me?
I am quite a new cross breeder. I decided to try appaloosa simply because, no one seems to breed them that competetively like arabs or IH's. Well i have 4 eilte horses already and between me and my breeding partner we have at least 7 elite horses, one already ranked in the top 10 for appaloosa's.

Now, I can't buy passes either so this has really helped to start me off. I have however found that many people don't wish to buy my horses (Or offer ridiculously low prices for them) simply because they are cross bred. I don't see the problem with it personally. It's not like crossbred have a disease or something, so i expect the same prices for my crossbred elites as i would for any purebred elite. It is really driving me nuts....

Also if you are inerested in an elite cross pm me.
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I have a few, they are mainly PSH x paint which seem to give the best performance for my PSH's

like this one he is #1 PSH elite


#2 PSH elite

I am interested in finding out what other people have discovered in breeding the partbreds together.
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Shocky, I'd try Arab/Hunter crosses. Apparently those do well, I've never raised one though.
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Baroque-Have you tried that mix the other way around? I might be interested in a foal if you ever do default smiley ;)
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:25:31
My Irish Morgan has been dissed =/ lol
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:26:01
I have a very old Arab/Irish, when 7*S were godsdefault smiley xd lemme find
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:27:13
I bred him back on my old account, which i have since given away to my first friend on howrse


and many are in this affix

By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:28:08
i had an Paint irish hunter cross, 18*. made it to 750 skills at 8 years old no coulds. then i sold it.
One of my friends and I did twins of paint/IH along time ago...

Here is hers-now mine. She didn't train him in gallop-lol!



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Have PMd you pixiesbite. default smiley ;)
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You asked for someone to simplify this for you. In a nut shell, when you do careful crossbreeding you can breed horses that excell in the competitions. Cross breeding is also a relaxing way to set reachable goals without having to battle in the GP race with the top breeders. default smiley ;)
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:44:04
Once (Once!!! I tell ya!) I had a horse here was her line I always bred until female-

1. Rosabelle (Her) (Arab* and Frisian)
2. Rosemary (Arab Frisian *Paint Horse)
3. Rosebush (Arab Frisian Paint Horse Welsh Chinco)
4. Eladha (Arab Frisian Paint Horse Welch Chinco Hano)
5. Bessie (Arab Frisian Paint Horse Welsh Chinco Hano Quarter Horse)
6. Matilda (Arab Frisian Paint Horse Welsh Chinco Hano Quarter Horse Newfie)
7. Matilda`s Foal (Arab Frisian Paint Horse Welsh Cincho Hano Quarter Horse Newfie Morgan)
8. Gwendolyn (Arab Frisian Paint Horse Welsh Cincho Hano Quarter Horse Newfie Morgan Marawai)

But sadly that was my old account..
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:47:34
i am getting the paint back that a bred that Irish paint with, and i am going to make her my main brood mare, but i want ALL breeds eventually.( i will need tons of lightning bolts, fertility wands, heras packs, ect.)
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:48:56
i have a hano mare that a got a good hano irish cross out of.
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:54:01
the best combination for dressage is: Friesian Irish hunter( which i soon will make)
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 22:56:28
Gallop: TB/QH
Trot:Purverion paso/Standered bred/Hackney
Woohoo - I've got Chicxulub to 25 years (woy-blup, no clouds). She should be the No.1 morgan by speed after the update default smiley :-)) *hugs Chicxulub*
Dr Zig
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Oh wow - my hackney-standardbred mare Hurricane is *still* No.2 for trot on the hackney tables! I had no idea! She had been the No.1 overall hackney for a few weeks but that was *ages* ago default smiley (h) *does a little dance*
Dr Zig
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By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 23:21:31
i am excited.....
I've been playing with sportponies since last August...it's been going pretty decently. My first one, Three Haunts (Shetland/Arab/Connie), ruled in barrel racing...he has 29 wins for it, and got most of them in a row. Except he failed at everything else. I'm trying to wrap up his BLUP right now.

My second one was Three Twix (Arab/Welsh/TB/Connie), and she's doing decently. She's good at gallop races and cross country, but not much else. Still working on getting her wins, but I haven't played actively since December, so it's at a standstill.

My third one was Three Laughs (Shetland/TB/Connie), but I haven't even gamed her yet. Winter kept coming at inopportune times. Aww, I just went to her page to look up her breeding and her sire died. That's randomly sad.

My ponies have been doing decently with greenstars (1*, 4*, and 5*, respectively), but I'd like to raise that. I think it's going well overall, so far. Now I feel like going back and working my horses.

And it's very interesting to see what you guys are breeding. default smiley :)
lucky the horse
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