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Finally a post just for us cross breeders. The purpose of this topic is for cross breeders to have a place to discuss their crossbreeding programs and to share crossbreeding secrets and advice with others who may be interested in giving crossbreeding a try. Feel free to talk about your crossbreeding programs and your achievements and failures in crossbreeding.
Please remember to follow the rules of the forum and be informative and helpful. default smiley :-))


Reminder to all.

Please do not advertise sales or items wanted in this topic. I can turn a blind eye to the covers being offered (as long as they are not blatant advertisements) because we are, after all, trying to help each other progress and there is no filter on public covers for searching for crosses, but items sales and items wanted do not belong in any of the public forums and we have a sales forum for horse sales so please, lets keep our topic clean of the ads.

Thanks everyone


There are reasons for rules and everyone is expected to follow them. There will be no posting of advertisements in this topic and everyone is expected to be respectful. Any disrespect towards fellow players or moderators will not be tolerated. Anyone posting advertisements will receive a forum ban without prior warning. If breaking of rules continues to take place in this topic I will delete it.

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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:20:24
Finally a place... I am sure some of you have seen my "Crazy Experiements" I would like to introduce King Kong The newest Allstar a full 2 stars + in all categories... My next cross project will be one purely for comedy - and thats breeding 1 horse with 16 different breeds, that come together evenly.... Glad to see this forum topic - Anyone who wants advice feel free to PM me.
Wow, King Kong is great! I have a 14 star hano filly with stars in all catagories.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:32:57
Finally a cross breeding forum. Currently I'm training This IH/Arab for someone. Wins aren't too good so far=/
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:56:22
she is coming along great default smiley :) Twin still in salesdefault smiley xd
Some of the kiddos:

Tactical Nuke

This guy was a ton of fun... I wanted to see what would happen if I trained stamina on incredibly low health.

Tiny Tyrant

Interesting spin on the Hano x IH cross. The Shetland enhances jumping to the same degree, but doesn't kill dressage, and does damage the stamina some. IH x Arabian is no longer that great (imo) because the stamina ends up too high compared to dressage/jumping. Shetland x IH is a neat little alternative if you want to do higher level XC comps but still have a Xbred


Bred to be a galloper. Could be verrrry interesting.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:20:14
An official thread for crossbreeding discussion? Woohoo! I'm so excited!

How many breeds have we crossbreeders gotten all-stars out of? I've personally bred Friesians and Standardbreds, but I've also seen Paints and Hanos. There are rumors of all-star Appys, too... anyone have one?
I have an all star hano/friesian filly.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:23:42
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO Happy now! I have wanted this thread FOREVER!!!!
I'm seeing some very nice crosses here. I breed Paint/Quarter crosses. Most of my crosses can be seen in my "other horses" farm and also in my "retired keepers" farm. I have a Paint/Quarter Cross who is #1 in gallop on the paint rankings at this time. Probably won't stay there for long but I am very proud of him having made it there. He is one bred for me by a friend of mine. His name is Vortex if any one wants to see him. default smiley :-)) I also have a Quarter/Paint cross who is # 15 on the QH elite ranking, he made it to #9 on the QH elite ranking but has sense fallen to #15. He is one I bred myself so am really proud of his accomplishments in the rankings.
I breed most of my crosses myself but there are a few that some of my friends donate to my program from time to time.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:43:06
I used to know someone that bred Appy all-star crossed, forgot who it was though
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:45:46
That is great Zepharodefault smiley :)
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:46:15
Nice cross eman12. I do not breed cross horses but I do believe there are many that top the rankings in the elites so I am all for crosses. It's nice to know there is now a place for where cross breeders can discuss just like there is for NIB breeders and RC collecters.
My friend, woodpony2, she breeds the best crossbreds ever! Mostly quarter ponies though. I am lucky enough to own one!
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:50:59
CoC, I just might buy the twindefault smiley :p
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:52:47
I've been training an Standie/Irish Hunter cross for my group, and I finally got her all bolded default smiley :d Check her out shes on the last page of my Standardbred tab. Her name is Kiss Me April Fool.
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:55:35
Haligee - She's very nice and congrats for training her by yourself. default smiley ;)
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:55:41
She's awesome Hal!
I've just skilled my latest monster morgan, Soaring Eagle default smiley (m)
Dr Zig
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 22:59:04
Thanks charlotta and JV Shadow default smiley :d
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 23:10:54
Welcome Hel.

WOW is all I can say Zig. Amazing, 1100+ skills. default smiley ;)
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 23:12:35
Awesome Zig!
No prob Hal=]
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 00:53:30
I love crossbreeding, I had just started a program on my old account when I left Howrse for a long time, but now that I'm back that'd be fun. default smiley :-))
By Retired breeder, 4th April 2010 01:08:28
ooo! Nice! Now i can share my cross breeding world domination plans ! default smiley :k . Just kidding! default smiley (a)

I bred a Newfie / arabian stud (now deceased) cross to a Paint / throughbred cross mare http://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=1340706 and got a little newfie filly named Storm II after her sire. default smiley :) http://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=7601526 (not sure why though ? Any clues? i thought the foal was supposed to be Arabian) then i bred her to a purebred Chinco stud and got Arshavir (Arshavir means storm ) http://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=9119119 , i then bred her to yet Another chinco stud and got storm watch . http://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=9486186 . I bought him a filly . im trying to find out if i can get either a Purebred (Not classified as a purebred though) Or at least 99% purebred out of a Mutt . OR Im going to get EVERY single breed into a filly to be my little friend!

another thing, i am NOT bluppng the parents! the sire of most are 100% but the mares. Nope ! Minimal training!
Wish me luck with my project!

Im also planning on doing Arab/ morgan / Shetland/ aussie crosses soon ! I think its going to be fun default smiley xd !
if anyone wants to help me out Let me know!
Oh happy joy!
A place to celebrate diversity!
This is my latest all star category howrse.
Shifting Lights 17 stars
I enjoy working the different combinations of howrses and seeing which ones work the best.
I sure love the surprises they like to hand out occasionally.
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Thank you for having this much needed topic here default smiley :) default smiley (y)

I've a few crosses I'm particularly proud of
Wonderboy - presents as a Hano, yet jump is not one of the top 3 skills default smiley (lol) He's 25% each of Hano, Arab, QH, Paint

Nabisu - Hano/Arab/Paint - presents as Hano
Haven't worked her in months, yet she is still currently ranked just outside the top 100 for Stamina and still high for Dressage

Lohari - another I haven't worked in months, yet is still currently ranked for jump. Zepharo, one of yours is only 2 places above her for that section default smiley (lol)
She's a Paint/ Arab/ Hano and presents as Paint. She's an example of taking on the dominant breed, which in this case, was the dams' breed instead of the sire's.
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