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Finally a post just for us cross breeders. The purpose of this topic is for cross breeders to have a place to discuss their crossbreeding programs and to share crossbreeding secrets and advice with others who may be interested in giving crossbreeding a try. Feel free to talk about your crossbreeding programs and your achievements and failures in crossbreeding.
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Please do not advertise sales or items wanted in this topic. I can turn a blind eye to the covers being offered (as long as they are not blatant advertisements) because we are, after all, trying to help each other progress and there is no filter on public covers for searching for crosses, but items sales and items wanted do not belong in any of the public forums and we have a sales forum for horse sales so please, lets keep our topic clean of the ads.

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First post...(I think)

I love cross breeding. Currently doing Fresians and IH for a dressage monster default smiley ;)
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:19:14
i cross marwi's with mustangs
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:19:44
Second Post! I hope so!

Anyway, I am working on a Special Blend line. A few example are Skulking Funeral, Funeral Maiden, and Maiden Choker!
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:33:35
Forth post:
I sell mares pregnant with cross foals once in awhiledefault smiley ;)!
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:39:53
Ive just started breeding Thoroughbreds and QHs for barrel bombshells...so far so good loldefault smiley :d
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:42:46
Cross bred foal i bred, Cross breeding use to be my whole breeding life but not so much anymore. But how did she turn out?

By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:42:51
I occasionally breed Arabians/Thoroughbreds to make better Anglo-Arabs. I may be looking for future partners in establishing a good breeding program, just not right at the moment! default smiley :)
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:43:33
First Post .

what do you think cross breeding an appaloosa and a brumby will do. I think i might give it a try.default smiley :d
Woohoo - I love cross-breeding!

I'd just point out that if you produce a 50:50 foal whose parents were purebred then the foal will have the breed of its fathers. *But* if the parents of your 50:50 foal were also 50:50 then the foal is often the 'hidden' breed instead of the father's breed. This catches out a lot of people, and it caught me out a few months ago with a pair of expensively produced twins default smiley :(
Dr Zig
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I love, love my paint/arabs, and paint/canadians, I also have a few paint/hanos...bred so they look paint...all 3 crosses make for some monster xc, and show jump comp horses...chinco/arabs, and chinco/paint, or chinco/qh make for some great pony comp horses too...
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:46:06
I cross breed Chincos with whatever has good speed. I'm trying to create a champ (in speed) with lots of good training areas. Charlie is best at all the training things except trot and jumping. My tip is if you cross breed, make sure the two horses are good in the same areas and both have a positive BLUP. (I just thought of BLUP after I bred Pumpkin) sorry 'bout the shabby writing skills.
Oh, I have found that paint/tb don't do as well as I had hoped, and mixing paint/arab/canadian still gives you a good cross, but not as good as a 50/50 mix.

paint/qh will get you a monster gallop and barrel horse tho default smiley ;)
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:47:55
I may be getting back into breeding Elite Irish Arabians and Arabian Huntersdefault smiley :)
I've been breeding Hano x IH crosses under the of Half ѯ Half prefix since I started.


Right now I have a PSH x Paint cross as a jumping horse, a Shetland x IH XC horse who's actually a lot of fun, a Hano x IH and I have a Morgan x PSH x Paint that I'm going to see how it does as a gallop horse.

Have a Paint x IH that did not work out very well. :\ Do not like that cross.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:52:26
Can i have some help please (:

I've been thinking about cross breeding for some time, apart from its hard to find a market sometimes and i think its harder to BLUP them im not sure and anyway i need help to find a pair of horses that are a good pair together (: or ponies ... could anyone pm me about this (:
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:53:31
Here are a few examples of my homebred Anglo's:



I also tried creating the breed called "Starabs" (Standardbred/Arab)...not too bad for comps...easily trains in most skills without too many penalties too! default smiley ;)

By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:55:58
i did a LOT of crossbreeding with hano/welsh and welsh/arab, which turned out absolutley BRILLIANT welshies are great for introducing speed and dressage into a line of stock
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 20:57:15
I've been crossing Standie's with Irish Hunters, and my team has branched out to other breeds to cross with standies as well. It's a lot of fun XD
MorningMst, I found that to be true on paint/IH also...

I have been using my ~Cross €yed Ṗixies~ affix for the most part.
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:00:08
CoC-what comps will she be good at?
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:04:23
No clue yetdefault smiley xd
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:06:41
can anyone help me my post is above im not trying to be annoying either lol
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:08:29
Pix- I am thinking Show Jumping and Galloping though
By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2010 21:14:52
Oh, finally a place for Cross-breeders!
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