[FT] Favourite horse names?

Hello everyone,
I was wondering the other day what where the most common "simple" horse names that you all like.
So i've decided to open a topic about that BUT there are a few rules:

- You have to post your 5 favourite names only!
- These names must be made up with one single word
- These names have to be shorter than 15 letters.

Please follow these rules so that we can all enjoy ourselves and see other players proposals.
Copy pasting an animal name list found somewhere on the internet doesn't interest me nor does it tell me what you really like default smiley ;)
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Rune and Rynn for twins
Jijivisha (it's a Hindi word roughly translating to the love of life)
Toska (Russian, a broad word meaning sadness, anything from despair to boredom)

I have 17 horses with Saami numbers for names. The Saami are an indigenous tribe in Scandinavia and my family believes that our ancestors were Saami, so these 17 horses are named in the order they were born: first, second, third, etc.

Themes that I like are cities, such as Memphis, Seattle, and Phoenix, (or even foreign cities like Rome, Beijing, and London) states, like Kentucky, Wyoming, and Minnesota, and anything in the NATO alphabet.

So sometimes I name my horses something themed like this, other times I just name them anything pretty that pops into my head. I DON'T like naming them something cliche like Misty or Sugar - not that there's anything wrong with these names, I just like giving my horses fresh, unique names.

OH I almost forgot Ya'aburnee - an Arabic word translating to 'you bury me" meaning they want to die first because they can't bear to live without the other person. Obviously I like foreign words!
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Mine are probably
-November (Nickname: Nova)
-Phillipdefault smiley (a)
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mine are
Listen to the wind
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