[FT] Favourite horse names?

Hello everyone,
I was wondering the other day what where the most common "simple" horse names that you all like.
So i've decided to open a topic about that BUT there are a few rules:

- You have to post your 5 favourite names only!
- These names must be made up with one single word
- These names have to be shorter than 15 letters.

Please follow these rules so that we can all enjoy ourselves and see other players proposals.
Copy pasting an animal name list found somewhere on the internet doesn't interest me nor does it tell me what you really like default smiley ;)
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By Retired breeder, 12th December 2016 21:49:37
1. Aster
2. Destiny (Disney)
3. Shadow
4. Nira
5. Nya

(This is not in order of favorites it's just the ones I like.)
By Retired breeder, 13th December 2016 05:11:25
Diana (I foxhunt, and Diana is the goddess of the huntdefault smiley :p)
Mocha (The name of my first and always favourite horse, RIPdefault smiley (l))
By Retired breeder, 15th December 2016 19:58:32
Favorite horse name- HeartBreaker
Second Favorite horse name-Champion
Third Favorite horse name-Challenger
Fourth Favorite horse name-Flicka
Fifth favorite horse name-Wonderdefault smiley :pdefault smiley (l)default smiley (lol)
Aspendefault smiley (l)
Beth, Jenny, Maggie
(My neighbour's horses)
(My BFF's newfoundland pony)
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1. Mocha (My first EVER pony R.I.P)
2. Lassie
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1. Nefele (my thoroughbred default smiley :) )
2. Kantata
3. Tamaryn
4. Chrapka
5. Laguna
Greased Lightning
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By Retired breeder, 4th January 2017 20:06:43
By Retired breeder, 4th January 2017 20:08:00
Feel free to use any of my names! Click the heart if you like it please!
By Retired breeder, 9th January 2017 01:11:51
1. Touch
2. Toby
3. Whiskey
4. Dancer
5. Dove
By Retired breeder, 9th January 2017 03:07:25
1. Hera
2. Pandora
3. Bailey
4. Zinney
5. Yuki
1. Taylynn
2. Prince
Katie of the Congo
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1. Aisling (pronounced ashling) It's the name of my siblings home school program!
2. Rose
3. Milo
4. Ponderosa
5. Anastasia
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By Retired breeder, 19th January 2017 21:30:01
In no particular order:

1. Renegade
2. Amnesty
3. Paradox
4. Alydar
5. Heartbreaker
I love Flicka!!! I usually just come up with really weird names...default smiley :p
Straight Forward is a name I like.default smiley (8)
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By Retired breeder, 28th January 2017 08:47:22
4. Empire
1. Amara
2. Elaya
3. Zuri
4. Vitani
5. Maleek
Moon Unicorn345
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By Retired breeder, 5th February 2017 13:44:12
My favourites are:
Hestia, Manhattan, Dopey, Lili and Wednesday!!! default smiley :p
By Retired breeder, 20th February 2017 06:14:24
I don't know about my 5 favourites, but there sure is one that sticks with me.
It's from the book series Earth's Children, a prehistoric docufiction, and the main character -first human to ever tame a horse- named her dam after her whinnying ~

- Whinney

I dunno how common that may be in anglophone places, but for the french me, that came as a really nice unexpected sound.
French depiction is just.... Hiiiii - not that realistic.

Thinking about it I might look up for other languages onomatopiea for equids. They may make my other 4 favourites ~
Already I found out english actually has a wider lexical range than french - only one sole verb to describe any equids talk : hennir. Not about to call my horse that either x)

Sorry about the speech fellows, that topic had me thinking o/
By Retired breeder, 27th February 2017 20:49:39
1. Thunder (Trovão in my main language)
2. Lola
3. Zeus

The other two are still open default smiley (8)
This is hard, some of my horses are named after their coats, but they are my favorite. XD Umm, well, I did mentally name them, so here goes.

1. Rainbee (Peace colors)
2. Sacura
3. Phoenix fire (Fox-pheonix)
4. Eurasia
5. Jess
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By Retired breeder, 6th March 2017 02:19:18
I like naming them after horses in books, so:

Shadowfax- Lord of the Rings
Lumpkin- Lord of the Rings- Also the other ones the hobbits ride.
Tug- Ranger's Apprentice
Abelard-Ranger's Apprentice
Hedwig-Harry Potter (yay!)

Well, they be cool. Bye!
By Retired breeder, 6th March 2017 23:41:34
*Storm(my first horse)
*Winter(Storm's son)
Asuna(Sword Art Online)
There are a few others I would say but the rules say 5 names. Also most names are based on coat color,(Storm=Black coat Winter=white coat and so on)
By Retired breeder, 20th March 2017 22:34:21
default smiley ^)
No signal
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But my first horse on Howrse was called "Terry" default smiley :d
Cca 5 years ago at Czech Howrse.
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