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announcementDaily Objectives: Tips & Tricks Ow4189,4412021-01-19 22:43
announcementMake the Most of your Howrse Support Experience Crystylcaila8214,3682021-01-19 03:16
announcementAncient horse Yggdrasil! Crystylcaila29424,2412021-01-14 22:53
announcementTechnical issueslocked thread Crystylcaila1275,7712020-08-06 09:56
creating a rosette comp 
Hiram Farmer3242021-01-20 00:08
How and when do you create/get a breeding farm? 
山丨ㄥㄥㄖ山1342021-01-19 22:49
Where is the best place to find draft unicorns? 
Claire193352021-01-19 22:36
Golden Horseshoes 
warrencait001182021-01-19 22:29
Equestrian center 
Becca211182021-01-19 22:26
How long does it take to breed a horse 
beautiful fluffy5642021-01-19 21:55
StarDrreamer5692021-01-19 21:39
Unable to see team horse with fillers 
bronze19836682021-01-19 21:17
hqppycamper12312402021-01-19 21:10
Filter Bonusses sales 
Juweel1692021-01-19 18:06
Colored Tabslocked thread 
Scooby-Doo!2682021-01-19 17:44
Objective question 
Cbaker3432021-01-19 17:13
How to increase your general ranking? 
Claire196672021-01-19 16:40
18-19% energy?locked thread 
Equine3392021-01-19 15:55
Competitions or Tasks? 
Billy12342392021-01-19 15:53
What happened to pass horses? 
Kate1732021-01-19 15:35
Leather yield 
adiemus1662021-01-19 15:12
unicorn breeding times? 
rachaelray15452482021-01-19 14:03
TB age limit for coveringlocked thread 
otter2532021-01-19 13:20
team?locked thread 
AzukiBean3872021-01-19 12:46
Help with Training 
Misty Magik2442021-01-19 11:49
ap farmer?locked thread 
NeiaTheHorse71202021-01-19 11:33
Foal naming 
pato12343642021-01-19 11:26
how do you repair a building? 
nuraaferrer1162021-01-19 11:24
Where's the directory?locked thread 
SFW31131122021-01-19 11:00
How to unlock direct sales??locked thread 
Jakethereaper743342021-01-19 08:38
Estimated profitabilitylocked thread 
kathmandu2452021-01-19 07:22
Reindeer Rides make no sense 
Desertmorn94072021-01-19 05:10
how to find a team? 
Fawnie2472021-01-19 04:51
Breeding Farm 
Harnett-MV3362021-01-19 04:35
Help! Color Bonus Daily Achievementlocked thread 
DblPwdPanda3582021-01-19 04:28
No More Foals? 
VioletAsInTheColor2922021-01-19 04:09
How to set up selling for passeslocked thread 
Jakethereaper744952021-01-19 02:47
H Ray. 
Eclipse9541472021-01-19 02:26
Evolution Event Questionlocked thread 
KidneyStealer3732021-01-19 02:21
Klailea2792021-01-19 01:52