Seniority: 5,768 daysGeneral ranking: 387ᵗʰ
Registration date: 2007-09-12Number of horses: 3290
Last visit: 2024-05-24Reserve: 30,286,013 equus
Karma: 10 points


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sales in progress

Sales in progress

HorsePriceType of sale
Mountain55 55 passesDirect
Mountain125,500 equusDirect
BLPD Paci…1,500,000 equusDirect
BLPD VA100,500 equusDirect
M A G I C…65,500 equusDirect


OfferSearch Time
water of youth golden apple 2 days
pandora's box golden apple 2 days
philotes' stroke philotes' stroke golden apple 2 days
chronos' timer golden apple golden apple 2 days
aphrodite's tears golden apple 2 days
bonus pack helios' ray helios' ray helios' ray 2 days