New features

The Devs' Corner


Here are some minor changes that were made to the game with this update:

  • Added a button on a horse's public profile page which takes the owner to its private page.
  • In the pop-up for adding an item to a horse, added a search field and the option of filtering the items by category.
  • On mobile, added to the horse's page a button for choosing the coat from the Harmony Pack.
  • Added a message in the horse's history when you ask for help with a Musketeer Horse.
  • Fixed a bug on the Christmas tack packs where they did not complete the "Fully equip a horse that was never fully equipped before" objective
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a horse with the Magic Hat Shaman coat transformed into a legendary horse: the horse continued to change its appearance with certain Halloween coats.

Have fun playing everyone!

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