The breeder's manual

Rooms and challenges

Thresholds and rooms

To win a game in the Ascent of Olympus mode, you must cross 3 threshold(s), then defeat a boss.

Each level is made up of 7 rooms.

You start in the first room of Threshold 1.

Each room has its own challenge with different levels of difficulty:

  • difficulty1Easy: Requires one random ability to complete
  • difficulty2Moderate: Requires two random abilities to complete
  • difficulty3Difficult: Requires three random skills to complete

The harder the challenge, the greater the bonus.

Overcoming a challenge

To overcome a challenge, you need to collect the required abilities with your divine cards or boosters.

You can select up to 3 divine cards and as many boosters as you like.

A percentage number indicates your chances of success with the cards you selected.

You don't need to reach 100% to pass a challenge, but if you fall below that number, you may have a greater chance of failing.

Divine cards energy

In Ascent of Olympus, each divine card has an energy gauge.

Once a card has been used to overcome a challenge, it loses 1 energy point(s).

You cannot use a card that has run out of energy to overcome a challenge.

A card can regain energy with an end-of-challenge bonus.