You have stalked me on my page for minutes and seconds.

if emmap2001 finds this on your page you automatically get a free harmony pack, or a pass. She will not give it to someone that pms her. Hint* She checks the people that post in her 4um, give apples to her skilled ga lusi horses, and the people that congratulate her and is you do all three you have a way better chance!!.Fave Quote~Guess what book it was in and you'll receive a magically awesome horse! (for the Einstein quote) Even though you can't see Him, GOD is there for yoU Drag the E to the U and find out why it's there. If you believe this put it on your page!!!

Why is it so hard to stay awake at church. But stay awake through a 3 hour movie? Why are we so bored when we look at a Christian magazine, but find it easy to read Playboy? Why is it so easy to ignore a Godly myspace bulletin, Yet we repost the nasty ones? Why are churches getting smaller, But bars and clubs are expanding? Why is it so easy to purchase beer and drugs? But so hard to donate 25 cents for a Charity? Why is it so easy to worship a Celebrity? But very difficult to engage with God? Why do people laugh at you for being religious, but praise you for thinking dirty and vain? Think about it, are you going to repost this? Are you going to ignore it, cause you think you'll get laughed at? 80 % of you wont repost this. Jesus said: 'If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father.

free countersI play the alto sax, love museums, and art. I love the movie the Princess Bride

Omg when I found this icon I thought Omg! I love music so much! My fave song is Love Story by Taylor Swift and my fave artist is Monet. I use his colors when I watercolor, blue, purple and green! Anyways, I will congratulate everyone who congratulates me! I have more about me if you look down. Also I love, love, love! reading!!! I can read one of Dahl's books in less than a day. For example me and my friends instead of watching Karate Panda 2 we were reading Percy Jackson, The Witches by Roald Dahl, The Alchemist and the Time Traveler series. My grandpa writes books about South America and I have been in more than 16 schools, but I have finally settled in a little town in the northern part of the USA :D I AM catholic and proud of it and my fave tv channel are TLC and Disney Channel. BTW, I am in between the ages of 9-15. I love to chat with other people. I also take art classes on tuesdays and I have another account on Plus, I  give aways. Well, CYA!!!

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Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I'd like; no wait... Forget that. Get in your sleigh, go to Afghanistan, get our soldiers and bring them home. They deserve to be with their families on Christmas. Post this as your page to show respect for the soldiers who won't be coming home for Christmas. If you don't re-post, I understand. You can't spend 6 seconds of your life to support soldiers who save your life.Put this on your page if you are against Horse slaughter and abuse!!!