I apologize for my lack of logging on. I've been quite busy.  

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Hullo fellow Howrse players! I am Transformers19858 (Obviously). I am currently wondering how to join a team and what you do. In all of my years of being on Howrse, I still don't know what a team is or how to join. Or how to create one. Anyway, I am a 13 year old female player, I LOVE to chat (especially if it is about my favorite thing: Transformers!), I accept friend requests from anyone and everyone, and I am completely in love with Bumblebee!!!! BTW fellow Bumblebee fan girls, HE IS MINE. ALL MINE. ONLY MINE!!!!! Phew, that took some intense typing! Well, I GTG. I will talk to you later. Happy Howrsing!




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Normal People say: Heart
A Transformers Fan says: Spark

Normal People say: Blood
A Transformers Fan says: Energon

Normal People say: Children
A Transformers Fan says: Sparklings

Normal People say: an Army Base
A Transformers fan says: NEST Team's base

Normal People see a Camero and say: Oh it's just a car
A Transformers Fan says: OMG! Bumblebee!

Normal People see a F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet and say: Oh a plane
A Transformers Fan says: It's Starscream!! OMG!!

Normal People see a bug and say: Ew a fly!
A Transformers Fan says: Cool! Insecticon!

Normal People see a Semi and say: A Truck
A Transformers Fan says: OMG!! OMG! OMG! OPTIMUS PRIME!!

Normal People say: Transformers Suck
A Transformers Fan says: You better run
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