LSR_7's Page

Hello!  I'm an Alaskan, which is to explain my Alaskan themed stable and affix names.  I love horses, ride and used to compete in English equestrian.  The first school horse I rode was an Appaloosa named Spooky and forever I shall call Appys my favorite breed.

I don't own real horses, it is a yet to be realized dream, but in the meantime I have these computer horses to play with.


Currently I'm concentrating on increasing the GP of my own horses.  I'm likely not to sell my mares or high GP stallions.

If you would like to ask about a cover from any of my stallions just message me.

Available breeds to cover:


-Red Ghost gp 350

-Fire's Pomp gp 1586

Purebred Spanish x Quarter Horse cross

-Red Hot Iron gp1846



I'm focusing on quality over quantity of stalls and am slowly purchasing boxes of medium or large spaces rather than the cheapest and smallest box.

Flax bedding, carrots, mashes available.

*JOBS* Looking for longterm *Riding Instructor* and *Farrier*, will pay top dollar and promote as soon as allowed.  Please PM me!

~ Only available at ~

Aurora Hills Stables

Mission: To create competitive Appaloosas of high genetic potential.

-To achieve my above goal I will focus on the Appaloosa's strengths which are primarily strong gallop competitors and secondly jumpers.

-I believe that crossing Appaloosas with other breeds of like abilities will help reach my goal.

-For strong gallop competitors I will be crossing Appaloosas with Purebred Spanish Horses.  These horses with gallop competition focus will have the affix "Aurora Hills".

-For strong jumpers I will be crossing Appaloosas with KWPN horses.  These horses with jumping competition focus will have the affix "Tundra Rivers".

-I will also maintain purebred Appaloosas to keep the above crosses from straying too far from Appaloosas genetically.

-It is my hope to then round out the Appaloosas abilities after achieving the above mentioned steps.