Welcome to Joel land!
Hi so it's Me batten5 and i deleted lay-out because it was corny.
About Me
I am a girl I live in a small town in Indiana USA .My Favorite color is -Green-.I have two horse's in real life a Chestnut QH gelding named Winston and a Pinto horse/pony named Miracle. I love Deadmau5(AKA) Joel Zimmerman Not just because of his music i cant lie because he doesn't have one crappy song it's just because of him <3.So you guy's can have your one direction or Justin bebier or whatever your into but i will always love Joel <3. 
My Game
I had this account given to me by someone i don't know who. I had anther account and i couldn't keep both so i moved to this one. Because this one had a wild and it had over 1000 day and everything so yeah that's my story on that : ).
My Horse's & Breeding
So i breed Morgan's and sometime's Teke's. Me and my lovely Sister wanted a Team so we had the team made For us by Mau5trap aka my friend in real life just so you know. So we made the  team and how we got the name my affix with her's example = Ghost N Stuff Morgan+Miracle Morgan's= Miracle N Stuff. And I have the Biggest  Cremello Collection On the sever right now.
Rule's On PM-ing Me 
1. no asking me to give you freebie's
2. no asking if one of my horse's are for sale when it's not for sale.
3.I do not Trade so do not ask.
4. no Text talk.
5. sorry if i may be mean i have a bit of anger issues and i am a hater and a hater gotta hate you know so just be on your toe's while catting with me ; D.
 That's it so just enjoy Joel :3 
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deadmau5 humps tomy leeimagemau5-girl:

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DIZZYDuring Joel&#8217;s Ustream on the day before Christmas, someone had asked him if he was spending time with his family, he simply replied &#8220;I am with my family, I&#8217;m with you guys.&#8221; 
It sounds immature, but, that literally almost brought tears to my eyes. Joel doesn’t say things like that often, so, it meant a lot to me to hear him say that. I know a lot of people think of him as an asshole, but, I think deep down he’s a pretty tolerable person, especially towards his fans.
Can I just say how much I love the person who sent this in? I&#8217;ve been waiting for this one to come up. Joel, as much of an ass he may seem like, is honestly a genuine person. He loves his fans, and his fans love him. He may seem intimidating, but that&#8217;s just the way he handles things. Everyone handles situations differently. But you need to look through that hard outer shell and realize that Joel is so caring about his fans.
Another example? Valentine&#8217;s Day. Someone asked Joel who his Valentine was, he replied &#8220;The horde is my valentine.&#8221;helmets-and-guitars:


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dat awkward moment when u see paparazzi next to your carstrobelicious:

i just love urban dictionaryfontainerouge:


Love it.daftdarlin:





cats are so cute aw

this is exactly what my cat does. 

Sleepy Joel &lt;3

Looks like the time he came to Puerto Rico on January 5th, 2013. Joel Zimmerman’s Birthday…
And one of the best days of my life♡︴theonlylola:


yUser Imagenyan cat photo: lol nyan cat!!! 1314373718376.jpgnyan cat gif photo: NYAN CAT tumblr_lkhemwQnB51qfmenfo1_400.gifnyan cat photo: TechNyanColor Cat technyancolor.gifnyan cat photo: Nyan Cat Addict x_3bf4fed9.gif