My Game

I am breeding Paint horses along with Arabian horses, both purebred. I am rescuing horses and fully train them, and then I sell them. if you like any of the horses in the rescue tab PM me and we can negotiate a price, any horses I have in the rescue tab are for sale. Any other horses are not for sale unless they are in my sales. Don't ask me to buy one of my horses that aren't in my rescues or sales, I will say no.  I am  collecting GA horses! I will also train horses for anyone who wants me too! 


About Me

My name is Kendall,  im 17! I LOVE animals, I have seven animals in total. I have a hedgehog named Finn, one crested gecko named Gordon, two cats named Molly and Mittens, two pugs named Scooby-Doo and Little Bee and a horse Dixie. I love all types of music but my favorite is pop. My favorite singer is Ariana Grande! I love to watch television, some of my favorite shows are; Survivor, Stalker, Hawaii Five-0, and Criminal Minds. I also like to watch anime, I've only ever seen Naruto but i'm starting to watch Bleach!

I accept all friend requests! I love to chat so feel free to PM me about anything!


If anyone doesnt want a horse or they are quitting, reserve it for me for a REASONABLE price:

Foals: 500e-650e

Horses: 700e-800e

I check regurarly to see if any horses are in my sales


I am selling these BM items! PM me if interested:

 x3 Hypnos' Blanket

x7 Water of Youth

x10 Pandoras Box

x10 Philotes' Stroke

x10 Piece of Cloud

x2 Artemis' Arrow

x6 Helios' Ray

x5 Black Orchid

x5 Medusa's Blood

x5 Croesus' Fortune


These are the BM items that I'm always looking for. PM me if you have any for sale!

-Philosophers Stone

-Hera Pack

-Harmony Pack

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