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 I do HNIB breeding, casual breeding, and the occasional crossbreeding on Howrse.

Before Mailling be please note: About me

Ask for my IMMORTAL Howrses and my FOUNDIES will most likely result with your message will be deleted or ignored, no matter what else is on there.  Ask too many times and I will blacklist you.  I'm NOT selling them, if I am I will contact you instead.
I buy to keep unless training for others (must have contract). Auctions are free for all.
Don't just send Friend requests as I will not just accept them out of the blue.
I love this game and like to help others, however, don't ask for equus or items.  I can advise on how to get them, but you need to earn them.
PLEASE link your Howrse if you a
re trying to sell him/her, if I say no once, I most likely will again, but I do not have the time to go through every single Howrse you have especially if you have over 50 in that breeding farm.
I'm always interested in buying Foundies (any breed) as long as they are NOT overpriced, I have my sources.

My Archimedes Link

I offer Custom Foal Services for various breeds. You may PM me to see if I am able to breed your foal as long as you list what you want (NIB, high GP, Crossbred, certain breed, etc.).


My own policy for breeding is: Blup (and Bold) before breeding.  Any female howrses whom come to me pregnant will be treated to the best of my abilities and the foal will still be cared for and affixed as if they were my own so they have a possible future.

I'm Searching for (in my order of decreasing importance)
Nyx Packs,
Golden Apples,
Morpheus Arms,
Tack Packs.


Link to Anything's Possible

Me and Breeding
Services (3)
My Advice

I only breed Blupped (+100) and Bolded Howrses, and that do not fit my requirements already arrived as seen.

I choose which ECs to keep my howrses in which varies on the amount of time available to me. I often like:

High Fertility Pastures (85%+)
Clean Pastures and Boxes (100%, floods may vary)
Plenty of Carrots and Health Mashes

My Blupped Stallions may be requested for coverings as long as your mare is Blupped.

Custom Foal

Usual Price unless high in demand: Stud Fee + Vet Bill + Approx. Price of Mare in P.S. + Aging Points fee. Uni Custom foals require 500eq pre-paid per foal in case they are rejects.

Note: breeding history check will have to prove that you Blup before breeding.


Howrse Shelter

I buy howrses for 500eq each, no pass; unless they are very high GP and/or have certain BM items. Just Reserve for me in the P.S. and message me.

Blupping and Bolding

See next table after next for details

Always Blup (and Bold if you wish) your Howrses before breeding them to produce quality foals. Blupping is getting a howrse from -100 to +100 Blup (see Genetics Page of your howrse). By "quality" the foal's GP and IBS will be higher than if your howrse was not Blupped.

Wait for the right sales. The market fluxes from time to time for certain breeds and breeding styles in demand. Watching the market for a few days to a few weeks at different times may help you get a good idea which howrses cost approximately however much.

PM me if you want any other advice pertaining to howrse. As long as grammar is attempted and I can read it (no smilie spams please) I'll be happy to help.


In-Bred (IB)
Non In-Bred (NIB)
~Nightingale Ninja~

In Genral:
~Blazing Wind~ 0 to 6 *
~ Lucky # Slevin ~ 7 to 11*
~Fire & Lightning~ 12 to 20*
~Ponyta Pastures~ 21 to 30*
~Rapidash Race~ 31 to 40*
~Beauty & Brawn~ 41 to 50*

Breed(s) or Quality Specific:
~Wild & Fast~ Mustangs
~Crossing X Rivers~ Crossbred
~NewWorld NewHeros~ Marwari, Shetland, Brumby, Peruvian Paso, Barb and Morgan
~Wind Drillers~ Unicorns

~Yin and Yang~ Foundations from me

~Special Surprise~ NIB
~Talent~ NIB but within some GP requirements.

~Hidden Surprise~ Supposedly NIB, now IB due to disappeared ancestry.
Howrses with "Special" Stories.
Copper Martinee Bought as a foal unborn inside a Foundie dam with a previously Foundie IH sire.  Then raise as a filler after birth for NIB Blup parties only to show a dislike for losing.


Blupping and Bolding Details


Must have M.A. if an adult  I do not like the idea of someone else's Howrses in my hands for a long time unless I legitly bought them. 
Foals accepted preferabbly at 6months old without being worked, else extra costs are included and 1.2GP gain not guarenteedMUST send M.A. once we have a contract.
May have other BM items to help with comps.
Must NOT have trained in numerous skills, those trained in Sta above 10% will be automatically rejected unless you are willing to pay a fortune where another trainer can asks for less.
Must be able to access the Private Sales before and after the I get the Howrse.

I do 2 lessons per day which gives the Howrse more skills at the end as well as pay for 21eq lesson board.  This pays for their board and food (even a part of the deal).
You may look through my Howrses, most have been or are going to be Blupped and Bolded before breeding.  I do not breed other's Howrses as I deem it unhonorable.
I make my prices with 25s, 50s, 75s, and 100s for easier calculation.
any IBS accepted if the Howrse fufilles the other requirements. 
Optional: let me know which rides you have done with that Howrse.
I have enough Howrses to worry about, I most likely will not like any deals to sell a Howrse to me.
Games: 1,000Eq, if also being Blupped (and Bolded) then you MUST send M.A. or I'm just going to put it back on sale for you with the 1,000Eq charge.  Preferabbly 6months non-worked and any season other than Winter (I will only do games with temperature =>5 degrees).
Blupping: (depends on the Howrse, I have my schedule that I have successfully Blupped my Howrses numerous times)
--Spe and Dre training: 500Eq.
--Comps (20 wins): depends on difficulty and the Howrse, ranges from 1000Eq to 10,000Eq.  I will set this before I get your Howrse, therefore we MUST have a deal before I start or even accept your Howrse.
-----If part of Blupping: 250Eq for Dre and Spe each ONLY, else 750 Eq each.
-----If NOT part of Blupping: 250Eq for Dre and Spe each ONLY, else 1000Eq per skill.

--Spe and Dre training: decrease price dependent on the amount of % training done to the rato of the training cost.
--Other training: increase the price for every % skill trained for a max of 1 skill over 25%.  If more than 1 skill is trained over 25% (other than Spe and Dre) and does not have 20 wins will be rejected or this will cost alot of your eq.
Overall Prices for foals and non-trained Howrses: (training order)

Games = 1,000Eq
Blupping (Must have M.A.) = (Spe+Dre) + (comps) + (top 3 skills bolded)
----------> = 500Eq + 1000 to 10,000Eq + 1250 to 2250Eq.
----------> = 2750 to 12,750Eq
Bolding after Blupping (Must have M.A.) = 250Eq for Dre & Spe each, OR 1000Eq per other skills.

BM items added optionally may not decrease the price.  That is dependent on the BM item(s) added.  Competition Boosting BM Items decrease competition price, timer cuts training (basically all bolding prices) in half.

1 pass may be substituted for 10,000eq, 1pass = 20,000eq, etc.  You may overpay if you wish.  I also accept certain BM items.

I will let you know whether or not I am willing and have a high success rate of Blupping your Howrse.  We MUST have a clear contract before I get anything or even buy your Howrse.

I can guide you through or teach you through the mail on techniques to Blup your Howrse but I will require full cooperation. (no charge)

Finished contracts:
Hidden Jem
Broken Arrow