You didn't activate JavaScript!

To enjoy the game, you have to activate JavaScript on your browser.

JavaScript is a computer language which is able to create animations and to navigate easily on websites.

Activate JavaScript

You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • In the main menu, click on tools and Internet options.
  • then select the Tab Security.
  • click on the button personnalize the level, and go down to Script.
  • the first sub-section is Active Scripting, be sure it is set to Activated.
  • Confirm the modification by clicking on Ok.

You are using Firefox

  • Go to the menu Edition and click on Preferences.
  • A small box appears, then click on the tab Web Functionalities.
  • Tick the box Activate JavaScript then click on Ok.

Once JavaScript is installed...

You just have to refresh that page and now you can start playing!