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Seniority: 298 days   General ranking: 90356th
Registration date: 2012-05-15   Number of horses: 34
Last visit: 2014-01-29   Reserve: 95 152 Equus
Karma: 10 points
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jazzy lassMy Bestie!!!!! (In RL)!!!!!!!!
sugar cubeMy awesome friend!!!!!!!
dartmoormadFirst horse dealer friend!!!!!
mistress spikeCool adult Howrse player!!!!!!
Nibblesmunch 01Great player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Indianna48 days ago
*!Olivia!*76 days ago
shiskabobs9977 days ago
RougeMarvel179 days ago
Canadian Dream83 days ago
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Funky manages the equestrian center Rainbow Shine Stables! (see the forum).


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