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Sasuke Wolf

Seniority: 665 days   General ranking: 52244th
Registration date: 2011-04-05   Number of horses: 43
Last visit: 2014-04-22   Reserve: 119 072 Equus
Karma: 10 points
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lolly6Like a BAUS X3
-Zing-Cousin! Yukio is MINE! e 3e
sunmistMy Demonic Pand :D
ibeanySuch a nice friend^^
madi95Madi xD SS Buddy
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Equestrian center Equestrian center

Sasuke Wolf manages the equestrian center ₩øᾔⅾεяℒαᾔⅾ (see the forum).


Number of places: 13

Number of remaining places: 0

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