Seniority: 891 days   General ranking: 11666th
Registration date: 2010-07-08   Number of horses: 79
Last visit: 2014-04-12   Reserve: 787 695 Equus
Karma: 10 points
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horse!!!●◐ RεnεɢαdεஜRᴘɢεr ◑●
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wildhorseranch23●◐ RεnεɢαdεஜRᴘɢεr ◑●
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SandreaSunnieLeesha manages the equestrian center Fabled Dreams Farm (see the forum).


Number of places: 26

Number of remaining places: 0

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SandreaSunnieLeesha has belonged to the Renegade RPGers team.

Ranking: 23th

Championship: Division 13

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