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Seniority: 2189 daysGeneral ranking: 104th
Registration date: 2008-05-28Number of horses: 2783
Last visit: 2014-10-31Reserve: 127 131 359 Equus
Karma: 10 points
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cricket 22 manages the equestrian center Ponies R' Us (see the forum).

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  • Number of places: 103
  • Number of remaining places: 0

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HorsePriceType of sale
Unused Ha...30 000 Equus and 1 passDirect
314 Pureb...500 Equus and 1 passDirect
Pregnant ...500 Equus and 1 passDirect
276 Pureb...5 000 Equus and 1 passDirect
GA Unicor...500 Equus and 1 passDirect
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